UPDATED          9/13/2016                                                         * Please Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

Young Marine Color Guard

Friday, Sept. 16, 2016

Yuma Armed Forces Park

1800hrs (6pm)

CG YM's in Cammies w/ Red National Shirt, Boots Polished, Haircut, No Ribbons.

All other YUMA YM's support in Cammies w/ Red Nat'l shirt, Boots Polished, Haircut, Ribbons.

Eat Dinner Before you arrive, hydrate.  *No bathroom access.

Ceremony starts 1900hrs (7pm).  Families, Public Welcome.



Camelback plus extra water bottle preferred, clearly labeled with your last name, initial.


An example of a healthy lunch includes; a source of protein, fruit, vegetable, dairy, complex carbs.  Please do NOT send "Pogey Bait" i.e. chips, cookies, soda's, candy, etc.


This includes; backpack, 1" white binder, paper, writing utensil, GUIDEBOOK, Esprit Magazine, Homework (if assigned).


Upcoming Dates

Attendance is important and is a factor in promotion, billet assignment, and overall instruction.  As a Young Marine you signed an agreement for a full year of participation.  In order for our unit to be successful in fulfilling our commitments to the community and each other you need to participate, 80% unit attendance is required for earned Unit Ribbons and Awards.  Our committed volunteer staff are here to help you but we can only meet you half way.  Sports commitments require a schedule on file for excused absences.  

Semper Fi Young Marines



Parents, Please Check your calendar.  Is your YM due for a new yearly physical?  These MUST remain current for participation.

 Please print a progress report (found on Parents tab) Elem for one teacher, HS for multiple periods and have each teacher complete along with parent submission.  Staple a copy of their report card to eval. and submit to Adjutant.  Please include a copy of all awards received for credit.  YYM's must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better for promotion consideration. Thank you for your support.  

 Please see additional information under the "Check This Out" tab and "Young Marine Bulletinboard" tab.