UPDATED          8/5/2016                                                         * Please Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page.

We hope all you Hard Chargers enjoyed your holiday break and welcome you back to another exciting year with 

The YUMA Young Marines!

Re-registration will begin Aug. 1 and end Sept. 15th.

ALL Active YUMA YM's will need to complete a reenlistment packet and pay your $20 re-registration fee.


YUMA YM Mandatory Unit Meeting

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Yuma Main Library Conference Rm

                     YM's Wear Cammies w/ lite gray DDR Unit Shirt                              (RCT's wear pt gear w/ DDR Unit shirt) 

       Bring healthy Lunch, Knowledge, Hydration.  

Turn in Re-registration Forms along with copy of medical insurance card (front & back) and $20.00 fee.



Camelback plus extra water bottle preferred, clearly labeled with your last name, initial.


An example of a healthy lunch includes; a source of protein, fruit, vegetable, dairy, complex carbs.  Please do NOT send "Pogey Bait" i.e. chips, cookies, soda's, candy, etc.


This includes; backpack, 1" white binder, paper, writing utensil, GUIDEBOOK, Esprit Magazine, Homework (if assigned).


Upcoming Dates

Attendance is important and is a factor in promotion, billet assignment, and overall instruction.  As a Young Marine you signed an agreement for a full year of participation.  In order for our unit to be successful in fulfilling our commitments to the community and each other you need to participate, 80% unit attendance is required for earned Unit Ribbons and Awards.  Our committed volunteer staff are here to help you but we can only meet you half way.  Sports commitments require a schedule on file for excused absences.  

Semper Fi Young Marines



Parents, Please Check your calendar.  Is your YM due for a new yearly physical?  These MUST remain current for participation.

 Please print a progress report (found on Parents tab) Elem for one teacher, HS for multiple periods and have each teacher complete along with parent submission.  Staple a copy of their report card to eval. and submit to Adjutant.  Please include a copy of all awards received for credit.  YYM's must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better for promotion consideration. Thank you for your support.  

 Please see additional information under the "Check This Out" tab and "Young Marine Bulletinboard" tab.