UPDATED 11/25/2015                                                                                      * Please scroll to the bottom of the page.        

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Make-Up PFT (Physical Fitness Test)

1400-1600 (2pm-4pm)

Friendship Park 

(Below Water Tower, North of Civic Center, West of Caballero Park)

YM's and RCT's MUST attend if you missed the last PFT or your score was lower than 250.  You are encouraged to attend if you'd like to improve your score, motivate, or practice.   

Wear PT Gear, Bring Water



Camelback plus extra water bottle preferred, clearly labeled with your last name, initial.


An example of a healthy lunch includes; a source of protein, fruit, vegetable, dairy, complex carbs.  Please do NOT send "Pogey Bait" i.e. chips, cookies, soda's, candy, etc.


This includes; backpack, 1" white binder, paper, writing utensil, GUIDEBOOK, Esprit Magazine, Homework (if assigned).


Upcoming Dates

(Yes, YM's need to be in attendence at Every Mtg.)

RCT Class 15-2 Encampment 5-6 Dec. 2015 More info coming SOON.  


*Parents: This is our busiest time of year.  Please remain flexible and understanding.  Your YM appreciates your support.

ALL Yuma Young Marines AND Recruits must memorize their Obligation and Creed.

Quarterly Report Cards are Due.  Please print a progress report (found on Parents tab) Elem for one teacher, HS for multiple periods and have each teacher complete along with parent submission.  Staple a copy of their report card to eval. and submit to Adjutant.  Please include a copy of all awards received for credit.  YYM's must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better for promotion consideration. Thank you for your support.  

 Please see additional information under the "Check This Out" tab and "Young Marine Bulletinboard" tab.