Missing DDR Hours?  
Write a two page report on a specific topic pertaining to the effects and impact drugs have on peoples lives.  Summarize on ways you can make a difference.

Have you completed Project Alert?
Print and turn in your certificate of completion for credit hours.  ALL YM's, Staff, and RCT's must complete this online course.  New to Project Alert?  Go to Projectalert.com and start your drug demand reduction education Today.

We ARE "Closing the Gate on Drugs".


Meat Stick Fundraiser is On Going.  
Please see UC Ms. Eleanor to purchase additional product.  Product info can be found at: youngmarines.com/library/fundraiser/meat sticks. Thank you for your continued support.  
If you are a business owner and would like to support our Yuma Young Marines we can order additional product, posters, and holders.  Please email request to mjcertain@aol.com att: CertainSayles, subject line: Meat Sticks.